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Panama City is an excellent shopping center. Walk among its imposing buildings, its financial center, one of the most important on the continent; its quiet suburbs and its green parks. We recommend visiting the ruins of the old city: Panama La Vieja and the Old Town; both were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. At the end of the day, relax with the variety of options offered by your nightlife.

We also recommend venturing into your province and visiting its mountains, its exciting jungles, fishing underwater, and enjoy a stroll along the Panama Canal. On the outskirts of the city visit Lake Bayano. Do not miss the archipelago of Las Perlas, and especially Contadora Island, truly an isl of fantasy. For lovers of biodiversity, we recommend visiting the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, where you can go up to your observation tower and enjoy the diversity of bird species that this country has.



The Pearl Islands

In the middle of the Gulf of Panama, about 48 km from the coast and made up of about 39 Islands and more than 100 islets, is a true tropical paradise: The Pearl Archipelago.



Contadora, Saboga e Islas Viveros

You can visit any of these three islands by ferry from the Trump Hotel in Panama City.
Contadora is the most visited island of the archipelago. In it there are several options and accommodation and restaurants of different kind. Visit its beautiful beaches and bathe in the turquoise blue of its crystalline waters.

Saboga, is an ecological island with much history, ideal to be in tune with nature, relax and meditate. There are already several residential projects under way. Beach Club Las Perlas has restaurants, a bar and water sports.

Viveros, is a private island with luxurious facilities and exclusive services for the most demanding; private pool, beach and many other amenities. It has more than 600 hectares and is being developed under a master plan that includes houses and condominiums, airport, marina hotels and a golf course.



Colón, Panama

The province of Colón is located in the northern part of the country, in the Caribbean Sea. It is the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal. The city of Colón, its capital, is the second most important in Panama. It is home to the Colon Free Zone, considered the most important free zone in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest import and redistribution center in the world.

The Antillean culture mixed with the one existing in the province arising among other customs; the Congos dances, where the sensuality and the seduction between the man and the woman predominate. These dances are typical of Portobello a small town located about 50 km northeast of the City of Columbus.

We recommend visiting the ruins of Portobello and enjoying its Caribbean beaches, among which are Isla Grande, Tortuguilla and Palenque among others.




It is one of the four central provinces, its capital is Santiago. It is the only province of Panama that has coasts in both seas, counting with about 60 km of coast in the Caribbean Sea and more than 350 km of coasts in the Pacific.

This province is owned by a large number of Islands, including the largest in the country, Coiba and Cebaco. All this, coupled with its great variety of rivers makes its tourism offer mostly crystal clear rivers, lagoons, waterfalls and beautiful beaches. We recommend the Santa Catalina Beach, one of the most famous in the world for surfing; Coiba Island, the largest in Panama that belongs to the Coiba Natural Park created in 1991; sport fishing and diving.

Also visit the Yeguada, a lagoon formed in the crater of a volcano.



Bocas del Toro

The province of Bocas del Toro is located in the Panamanian Caribbean. For the most part it is confirmed by jungle. The archipelago of Bocas del Toro, located at the entrance of the Laguna de Chiriquí, is important in the tourist offer of this province.

It consists of 9 Islands, 51 keys and 200 islets. It is a combination of aquatic species, coral reefs, mangroves, tropical forests, pristine beaches and jungle.

We recommend to visit Isla Pájaros, a piece of rock that leaves the sea and that for its flora and fauna transports us to the Jurassic era; Isla Bastimentos, Bay of the Dolphins, and the great variety of beaches that this archipelago offers. Diving is one of the aquatic activities that find the most scenery for your practice.




Chiriquí is the third most important province of Panama. Its capital is the city of David.

We recommend visiting the towns of Boquete, Volcán and Cerro Punta, located in the region called «Tierras Altas» where you can find hotels, hostels and cabins of all kinds in a pleasant climate. Fish your own trout, visit a horse farm with spectacular equine specimens, a coffee producing estate or orchid garden. All this and more are part of the attractions you will find in the foothills of the volcano Baru. If you are an adventure lover, hire a tour to climb to its top; the highest elevation in Panama and the highest volcano in Central America (3,475 masl), from where you can, if the weather permits, you can see both seas on each side of the Isthmus. Do not forget to visit the Cangilones de Gualaca, a natural spa where the waters of the River Estí shaped in the rocky form, a narrow channel and a natural pool.



At present the Republic of Panama has its territory organized in ten provinces and five indigenous districts. The Emberá – Wounaan Indigenous Region consists of two enclaves located in the province of Darién. This indigenous group is divided into Wounaan and Embera. Guna Yala is a narrow strip of land of 373 km long on the east coast of the Panamanian Caribbean, bordering the province of Darien and Colombia. An archipelago of 365 islands surrounds the coast, of which 36 are inhabited.

The Ng¨pbe-Buglé Indigenous Region is located in the western region of Panama. Wargandí is located in the district of Pinogana, province of Darién. It was created in 2000 with part of the northern territory of the province. Madugandi is located in the vicinity of the river Bayano.

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